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Buying The System You Need

If you are considering investing in an air conditioning system then there are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge and buying the unit. The main things to think about are:

Cost – whether you are buying the air conditioning system for an office, other workplace or your home, you will have a budget to work to. This will help you narrow down the air conditioning systems on the market because you should only consider air conditioning systems that fit into this budget. Also bear in mind that you may need the air conditioning unit to be fitted by a qualified air conditioning contractor and this will increase the cost of buying the system.

Running costs – Air conditioning systems require electricity to work so you should consider how much this will increase your utility bills and budget for this extra expense.

Noise levels – Some air conditioning systems can be quite noisy and if you work in a noisy environment anyway this will be okay, but if you work in a quiet office then a noisy air conditioning unit may cause a few headaches. Be sure to test out the system for noise before you buy.

Legal requirements – when you choose an air conditioning system you should be sure that it meets current expectations and legal requirements for ventilation, etc. You can find out more about this from your air conditioning contractor.

Size – You will need to make sure that the air conditioning unit you buy is large enough to provide cool (or warm) air to the entire room. If it doesn’t then it is inefficient and basically pointless. To make sure it is big enough most contractors will tell you that 400 square feet of space needs one tonne cooling capacity, so make sure the calculations to check that the air conditioning unit is the right size are done before you buy.

Portable, fixed, HVAC – Before you buy an air conditioning system you need to consider what you need it for. Is it just for cooling during the hot summer months? Is it to dehumidify? Is it to heat a room? Is it to cool and to heat? Your answers to these questions will determine whether you opt for a fixed air conditioning unit, a portable system or a heat, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Now that you have an idea of the air conditioning unit you are looking for, why not check out the air conditioning suppliers in your area with our online directory.

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