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If you are considering fixed air conditioning, that is an air conditioning system or dehumidifier that is installed into the fabric of the building and will be there on a permanent basis, then you are best to go directly to a number of air conditioning contractors and get each of them to do a design for a system and give you a price for it. The drawback of this is that it will be difficult to compare quotes because the contractorsí air conditioning system designs are likely to differ fairly widely. However, you can judge whether or not you are getting a good deal from a professional contractor by checking what buildings they have air conditioned before, how long they have been working in the air conditioning business, and what service backup is provided.

For those of you who just need a mobile or temporary air conditioning system for the summer months then you will find a wide range of products available at DIY and electrical stores across the UK. In most cases the monoblock, split and industrial types of portable air conditioning systems, along with mobile dehumidifiers and air coolers, are easy to install and do not require the help of a contractor, although if you are unsure about using a mobile air conditioning system then a contractor will be able to offer you useful advice. However, shop assistants at the store where you buy the air conditioning unit from should also be able to offer you helpful advice, and all systems should come with instructions for use.

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